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两家公司合并后将成为医疗保健IT领域的全球领导者,000 customers in over 20 countries and 1,400 staff across 4 continents.

London, UK, and Chicago, IL, September 22, 2021 – RLDatix, the international leader in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for healthcare, 今天宣布完成对总部位于英国的分配软件(“分配”)的收购, 人力资本管理全球最大体育平台的领先供应商,帮助医疗保健机构提供安全有效的医疗服务. The acquisition was previously announced on June 28th, 2021.

With the completion of this acquisition, RLDatix巩固了其作为全球医疗GRC创新者的地位, combining its industry leading patient safety, risk, Allocate领先的人力管理全球最大体育平台具有合规和供应商管理能力. It also further accelerates Applied Safety IntelligenceTM这是该公司将医疗保健从被动风险管理转向主动预防的战略.

“全球十大体育竞猜很高兴完成了对Allocate的收购,并开启了全球十大体育竞猜激动人心的旅程的新篇章,” said Jeff Surges, CEO, RLDatix. “Covid-19 has reminded us that patient, workforce and organisational safety are inextricably linked, as burnout, 护理人员的福祉和整体复原力是世界各地医疗保健提供者感受到的挑战. With the acquisition of Allocate, RLDatix is well positioned to continue delivering innovative, 扩大并需要将医疗保健GRC与劳动力管理联系起来的全球最大体育平台. Combined, we will make healthcare safer.”

“We have always understood the link between patient safety, 全球十大体育竞猜非常高兴能与RLDatix合作,” said Nick Wilson, CEO, Allocate Software. “随着医疗保健行业对护理需求的不断增长和临床医生的持续短缺,全球十大体育竞猜完全希望对员工福利和患者结果产生积极影响。. We will be able to ensure that resources are planned, supported and truly underpinned by patient safety and quality.”

“RLDatix和Allocate的结合创建了一个具有重大全球规模的组织,有望在未来几年推动医疗保健领域的创新,” said Vivek Kumar, Partner at Five Arrows Principal Investments. “全球十大体育竞猜期待支持杰夫和他的团队在这个令人兴奋的公司发展的下一个阶段.“RLDatix和Allocate是一些世界上最大的医疗保健组织不可或缺的一部分,”补充说 Reid Perper, CIO, Five Arrows Capital Partners. “这一组合具有独特的优势,能够带来持续增长,同时释放令人兴奋的新机遇,使全球客户受益.”

“在过去三年里,全球十大体育竞猜很高兴与RLDatix合作,通过有机和收购性增长来扩大业务规模, helping to solidify its position as a global leader in GRC,” said Naveen Wadhera, Managing Director at TA. “As we continue our partnership, 全球十大体育竞猜相信RLDatix和Allocate的集体学习和最佳实践将加强合并后公司的竞争地位,并帮助世界各地的医疗机构提供更安全的服务, higher quality, and more efficient care,” added Ethan Liebermann, Managing Director at TA.

Each month, 1.200万员工使用分配全球最大体育平台来管理他们的工作生活,超过1.400万临时工作人员班次已满,超过800万小时的护理工作被重新部署用于与安全有关的目的. Worldwide, 数以百万计的人在医疗系统中使用RLDatix软件时得到了保护, and as organisations shift towards high reliability, 该公司不断扩大的全球最大体育平台集将提供数据和分析,推动可操作的见解和整体改进.

Together, RLDatix和Allocate将能够更好地支持跨人力资本管理的战略计划, patient & 卫生工作者的安全以及其他卫生保健业务对于更安全、更好地为所有人提供保健至关重要.

About RLDatix

RLDatix is on a mission to change healthcare. We help organisations drive safer, more efficient care by providing governance, risk and compliance tools that drive overall improvement and safety. 全球十大体育竞猜的云软件套件可以帮助组织报告不良事件, 减少医疗保健获得性感染,确保在整个护理过程中实施患者安全学习. With more than 5,000 customers over 20 countries, RLDatix软件保护着全世界数亿的患者. RLDatix由Five Arrows和TA Associates作为主要股东控股. For more information, visit

About Allocate Software

Allocate Software是全球领先的人力资本管理全球最大体育平台提供商, supporting the operational and administrative needs of health, care, defence and commercial sectors.

In the health and care sector, “分配”是指能够以最佳成本提供安全有效的护理, 通过帮助组织在正确的时间在正确的地点拥有正确的全球最大体育平台 With over 800 clients and over two million staff rostered daily, 分配服务于世界各地最大的公共和私营部门机构. Allocate Software is headquartered in the United Kingdom, with nearly 700 employees, including over 200 in research, development, and product management functions. 它通过在英国的区域办事处为其国际客户群提供服务和支持, Sweden, Germany and Australia. For more information, visit

About Five Arrows

五箭投资(FAPI)和五箭资本合伙人(FACP), together “Five Arrows”, are part of the corporate private equity arm of Rothschild & Co’s Merchant Banking business which manages over €17 billion. Five Arrows is focused on investing in middle-market companies with highly defensible market positions; strong management teams; business models with high visibility of organic unit volume growth and strong free cash flow conversion; and multiple operational levers that can be used to unlock latent value. 行业仅限于数据和软件、技术支持的商业服务和医疗保健.

For more information visit:

About TA Associates

TA is a leading global growth private equity firm. Focused on targeted sectors within five industries – technology, healthcare, financial services, consumer, and business services – the firm invests in profitable, growing companies with opportunities for sustained growth, and has invested in more than 550 companies around the world. Investing as either a majority or minority investor, TA employs a long-term approach, 利用其战略资源,帮助管理团队在高质量的成长型公司中建立持久的价值. TA has raised $47.自1968年成立以来,该公司的资本总额已达50亿美元,并致力于以每年超过30亿美元的速度进行新的投资. The firm’s more than 100 investment professionals are based in Boston, Menlo Park, London, Mumbai, and Hong Kong. More information about TA can be found at

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